Cancer or the big “C”

When you get the big “C”

need a mastectomy –

people will gape and squirm

worse still, get another dose

lose a kidney – horrifying

some will gasp  How do you cope?

Most at first will seem to care

but really blame you for the scare

you gave them, getting it.

They need you to be managing

to be an inspirational force

so they can be oblivious

of any life-threatening illness

A valued few will help you through

and make your life more bearable.



Be careful to express your grief

at someone dying you have loved

Hold back the tears and heart felt pain

restrain your need to verbalise

the loss you feel, but must contain

your sadness at their final curtain.

Death is an embarrassment

most will avoid acknowledgement

walk away, plead another engagement.