My view

My river view is like a mirage
in the cultural desert of suburbia
suspended floating, I blinker out
the neat lawn below my window
trimmed edges the suburban compulsion
to hem nature in, massacre trees.
I ignore the plastic moulded boats
with garish colours
and focus on the rippling flow
of ever changing hues, sky
and trees reflected, an endless play
of shifting shapes
a dance of light on the water’s way.


2 thoughts on “My view

  1. Hello Pat, I enjoyed reading both your poems and agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments of them both, and like the way you have expressed them. I also like the succinctness of them. You have expressed so much in so few words, which to me is the prime indicator of good writing.
    I also love nature which is wild , although I accept that other than in really remote places, which I love more than any other environment, it has to be managed, but this interference should be kept to an absolute minimum. I have a strong aversion to lawns and flower beds, as you say ‘hemming nature in’ and the massacre of trees. I also like to see wild animals insisting on their rights, like the geese in your second poem. I get a very clear picture of them on your lawn before they are chased off and when they return, and the stupid man who chases them off. I believe nature will always ‘fight back’ when humans are in conflict with it, for example in fox hunting and badger culling and, hopefully, triumph in the end.

    • Hi Rosemary thanks for your appreciation. I’m glad you feel like me as i tried to express in my poems. I do tend to talk and write volumes and writing poetry is good for me to try and be succinct and get at the essence of things rather then constantly being concerned with elaborating on every aspect. i suffer from a butterfly mind and creating a poem is refreshing. But it seems i need to write my journals too and if i don’t paint regularlyi Ifeel like i’m falling apart. hope you’re able to get to the studio. love from Pat

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