Surviving Cancer as an Artist 2

My attempt to post”Surviving Cancer as an Artist”

I have a problem posting my writing in progress which I’ve begun typing  as a document on my classic macbook with microsoft word. I couldn’t  post it via media so i’ve printed the beginning out more boldly and scanned it to my mac so i could then post it. I am not au fait with word processing and somehow made spaces unwanted in the first lines which I can’t yet resolve.I am a slow typer and can’t face typing it twice, i.e. copying directly to this site.

About Cait’s choice of farewell music.

I managed to find all of her choices on YouTube and listen to them. I realised that there was a strong rhythmic beat in most of the music and remembered she played drum music. I never heard her play but she had a drum with animal skin I think and found drumming an expressive way of relaxing. She used her hands to do it and said anyone in the vicinity would have to tolerate the sounds she made..